Pig Squealing: Why It’s Happening And How To Stop It

Photo Credit: @vinny_thepiggy

Remember that pigs make a lot of noise during the day. Usually, they will snort, grunt, and oink all day long, but it isn’t very loud. What is loud is when they squeal. It is very annoying for you and your neighbors.

Why do pigs squeal?

Pigs squeal because they are in anticipation of something, want something, are in pain, hungry, fearful, lonely, anxious, or bored. Sometimes it may just take time for your pig to get more comfortable in your home before they stop squealing.

When you have new guests or people in your home who your pig isn’t familiar with or doesn’t like, they may squeal when they are around. Pig’s don’t usually like to get touched by strangers.

How to stop your pig from squealing

So, how do you get your pig to stop squealing? There could be many reasons your pig is squealing, but here are a few of the main ways to get them to stop:

  • Give your pig some entertainment and exercise
  • Consider getting another pig so they aren’t lonely
  • Make sure you are feeding them properly
  • Check to see if they have any cuts
  • Give them some time to get comfortable with you
  • Use treats to calm them down
  • Make a barn or pigpen to keep them outside

Sometimes your pig will squeal when they are anticipating something they want (for example, food). To get them to stop doing this, don’t let your pig see you get their food ready. Just let them know when it’s done.

If they are still squealing, you could use treats (such as cheerios) to try and train them not to squeal. Firmly tell them no every time they squeal before getting food, and when they listen, give them a treat. You don’t want the squealing to go on for too long because then it becomes harder to stop it.

Tired pigs won’t squeal as much, so make sure you are giving your pig a decent amount of exercise and playtime to tire them out. If you are struggling on finding any activities to do with them, check out this article here or continue reading.

All the points below will help your pig stop squealing.

Entertainment for your pigs

The best entertainment you can give your pig is one that also gives them exercise to tire them out. Going for walks, playing hide and seek, and playing catch are a few activities. The most important thing though, is you need to have a big yard or field.

Pigs need space to run around and be happy. You could hide treats in your yard and let your pig try and find them. This also promotes rooting outdoors.

Getting another pig

Pigs need lots of entertainment to avoid feeling bored and lonely (which can cause squealing). If you aren’t able to entertain them all day long, getting another pig will help a lot. They will keep each other from becoming bored.

Feed your pig right

Making sure your pig eats a complete and balanced diet is very important to help stop their squealing. Some shady breeders may give you false feeding instructions that will malnourish your pig to stay small. This can cause your pig pain which may cause them to squeal.

Check out this article here I wrote on feeding your pig. It teaches the 2% body fat rule to show you exactly how much to feed your pig and what you should be feeding them.

Check your pig for cuts

Pain will make your pig squeal. Check them for cuts on their skin and feet to make sure they didn’t accidentally cut themselves. Many times pigs will scratch up against stuff when they have an itch, so it’s actually pretty common if they accidentally cut themselves on something.

Sometimes it just takes time for your pig to get comfortable

If you just got your pig or you’ve just introduced them to a new family member (other pet or human) it may take some time for your pig to get comfortable. Uncomfortable pigs might get moody and squeal out of fear and discomfort.

This article here teaches you how you can get your pig to trust you.

Make an outside area for your pig

Building a pigpen or barn is a great idea if you want to get your pig to stop squealing. Remember pigs are farm animals and although they are suitable as indoor pets, they are still better suited outdoors.

If you get two pigs and let them be outside a large part of the day, it will keep them from getting bored and will relieve a lot of the entertainment work you and your family have to do to keep your pig happy.

The video below shows how you can make a simple pigpen yourself.

Why is my pig squealing so loudly?

A pig squeal is around 115 Db loud. That’s as loud, if not louder, than a rock concert. Usually, a louder scream means that your pig is in pain. Check for cuts on their skin and feet.