Do Mini Pigs And Dogs Get Along Well?

Photo Credit: @hippothepiggy Mini pigs are very social, and they need loving relationships in order to be happy. Many times you are not going to be able to be with your pig 24/7, so they may get lonely when you are not home. Having another pet is generally a good idea to keep your pig …

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Mini Pig Hoof Trimming: What You Need To Know

Photo Credit For All Images: @hold_onto_your_hooves To keep your pig healthy and free of pain, you’re going to have to trim their hoofs around twice a year. Long hoofs may cause your pig to walk abnormally or, if they are too long, not even walk at all because of how much it hurts them to …

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How To Stop Pig Farts And Gas

Photo Credit: @bean_the_piggy If your pig is burping and farting a lot, there are a couple of things that you can do to help them. Occasional gas is common, but if it starts to become a real problem, you might want to consider checking with your veterinarian. Change their diet The most common reason your pig …

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The Truth About Juliana Mini Pigs

Photo Credit: @maggiemaethepig This might be very surprising to many of you, but purebred Juliana pigs are not currently available as pets. Breeders may claim they are selling you pure Juliana pigs, but this is probably not true. They are just trying to market their pigs in a way to make more money. The smaller the pig, …

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What You Need To Know Before Getting A Mini Pig

fully grown mini pig

Photo Credit: @hippothepiggy Unfortunately, many people are misinformed about the term mini pig. This is mostly because of shady breeders who have used terms such as teacup and micro pigs to convey you to purchase their pigs. In reality, there is no such thing as a teacup or micro pig. No pig will stay mini forever …

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How Big Do Mini Pigs Get?

adult mini pig eating

Photo Credit: @pig_pete Finding out how big a mini pig can get is a very confusing topic. To be completely honest, there is no real guarantee of how big your mini pig will grow. The best way to find out how big they will be is by looking at their parents and grandparents. So how big …

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How To Get Your Pet Mini Pig To Love And Trust You

Pet Pig Kissing there human mom

Photo Credit: @floppythepig When you first get a pet mini pig, more than likely they will be very nervous and probably not want to be around you. Pigs are naturally timid animals, so it will take time and patients for them to start to trust you. Sometimes even after a whole day of trying, you won’t …

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How to Stop Your Pet Pig From Chewing On Everything

pet pig

Photo Credit: @ticklepigandfriends Having a pet pig is definitely not the easiest thing to deal with, especially when they chew on all of your belongings. Pigs chew a lot, especially in their teething phase when they are younger. The reason for all this chewing is because it is in their nature. Pigs instinctually have always had …

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