Mini Pigs And Their Sleep: What You Need To Know

Photo Credit: @mr.dudleythepig

Although mini pigs are very active pets, they also love their sleep. In this article, I will explain how much mini pigs sleep, where they sleep, and much more that you should know if you are planning on getting one.

Not every mini pig is the same. They all have different personalities and behaviors, so instead of just using one pig for reference, I contacted over 20 different pig owners before writing this article.

How much do mini pigs sleep?

Young mini pigs sleep all of the night when you are asleep, and then they also usually sleep in for an extra hour or two in the morning. Along with that, young mini pigs usually also take around 3 half-hour naps during the day. As your pig gets older, they will begin sleeping less.

When you first get your pig, they generally will sleep 15 to 19 hours per day. After every month, it will probably slowly start to fall because they will sleep less as they get older. Adult pigs will sleep around 10 to 15 hours per day.

These are just generalizations though, not all mini pigs are the same. As you can see in my examples below, the numbers I gave above can be completly different then how much your pig will actually sleep.

Examples of how much mini pigs sleep

Hazel (one of my Instagram followers) is 5 months old. She sleeps all through the night and also takes around 3 to 4 half-hour to an hour long naps. This means she sleeps around 18 to 19 hours per day. Remember, Hazel is still very young, so she will probably start sleeping less as she gets older.

Another friend of mine @jenny_the_pig2020 is very different than Hazel. She is around 5.5 months old, and she only sleeps around 8 hours per day. This shows how different each mini pig is. They all have their own personalities and different behavior.

Where do mini pigs like to sleep?

Mini pigs like to sleep on dog beds, hay, baby cribs, kennels, couches, on you, and in your bed. The best place for them to sleep would be on a dog bed in their own separate room.

It’s completely ok if you let them sleep in your room, but if you have other pets, I would recommend separating them by giving your pig their own room or crate. Especially if your other pet is a dog because pigs and dogs can get into deadly fights.

If you don’t have an extra room, you can section off an area of your living room (or any room with extra space) for your pig. You can do this by using a pen such as this one here on Amazon. My friend @poppy.the.piggy uses a similar one in her home, and it looks like this.

If you keep your mini pig outside, give them a nice worm area (preferably a closed-in area) with lots of hay and/or blankets to sleep on. A pigpen or barn is always a good idea if you’re keeping your pig outdoors.

What is a good pig bed?

There aren’t really any pet beds made specifically for pigs, but most dog beds will work perfectly fine. The one I like to use is this one here on Amazon. Along with the bed, you should also get a blanket to keep your pig worm.

How to know if your pig is sleeping too much

All pigs are different and will sleep in different amounts, so there isn’t a straight-up number for this. What you should be looking for though, is if your pig seems to have a sudden change in their sleeping habit.

Also, if they seem unusually lethargic or eating less, it might be a red flag that something might be wrong. But there still could be reasons besides a medical emergancy that your pig is experiencing this.

If you’ve recently introduced a new member into your family (pet or human), it could affect your pig’s sleeping habits.

Pretty much any major life changes could cause it as well such as death to someone they loved, a new home, jealousy, recovery from surgery, and many more. These will only temporarily change your pig’s sleeping habits and behavior.

If your pig is experiencing unusual sleeping behavior that doesn’t seem to be changing back to normal, I would strongly advise you to contact your veterinarian to see if anything is wrong.

How can you improve your pigs sleep

The number one thing you need to make sure your doing is feeding your pig correctly. I wrote an article about feeding your pig correctly, you can check it out here.

Along with that, make sure your pig gets the proper amount of exercise and activity. This will make them fall asleep much easier. If you are struggling to find activities to do with your pig, check out this article here.

Make sure their bed or sleeping area is very comfortable, warm, and has plenty of blankets. Sometimes your pig may also like having their favorite chew toy around because it can make them feel more comfortable.

If you keep your pig outside, consider getting another pig so that your pigs could sleep together. It gets cold, and it might be difficult to properly heat a pigpen or barn that they may be sleeping in. When you have two, they’ll sleep together and share their body heat to stay warm.

It’s also generally a better idea to get two pigs because of how social pigs are.

Will your pig be mad at you if you wake them up?

Mini pigs show lots of emotion, and if you wake them up too early, they usually will be mad at you. Sometimes it will just take time to understand your pig and understand when they like to get up.

Usually, as your pig gets older, they will start to wake up earlier and not be so mad when you wake them up early.

Do mini pigs make noise while they sleep?

Mini pigs barely make any noise when they sleep. You might hear just a couple of quiet oinks and snorts. during the time they are awake, this is a very different story. Mini pigs make noise pretty much the whole time they are awake.

If you have two pigs, will they sleep together?

Yes, if you have two pigs, usually they will always sleep together. They like to share the same bed and benefit from their body heat. Sometimes they may even sleep on top of each other.

If you have other pets, your pig will also try to sleep with them as well.