How Much Do Mini Pigs Poop Per Day?

Simply putting it, mini pigs poop a lot. You are going to have to spend a lot of time cleaning up after them. They can be potty trained to poop inside a litter box, but I would recommend letting them go outside. The sheer mass of it will be overwhelming for a litter box.

So how much do they poop per day? Mini pigs generally poop around 2-4 times per day. Some pigs even have up to 8 small poops per day if they do a lot of grazing. Making sure you are feeding your pig the proper amount will keep their poop schedule normal.

Overfeeding or feeding your pig too many treats may cause an abnormal amount of poop and/or abnormal poops. Mini pig poop should be dark brown in color and firm (not hard). Sometimes abnormal poop can be an indicator your pig is unhealthy, as I will explain later in this article.

What time do mini pigs usually poop at?

All pigs will have different poop schedules, but they usually poop very soon after they eat. Let your pig outside at least 3 times per day (morning, noon, and at night) to make sure you give them a place to do their business when they want to.

What should you feed your pig for proper poops?

The most important thing is to not overfeed them and don’t give them too many treats. The majority of your mini pig’s diet should be their pellet feed. Most pellet brands will have instructions on how much to feed your pig based on how much they weigh.

If you feed your pig lots of fruits and vegetables, make sure you cut down a little bit on the pellet feed so your not overfeeding your pig. The general rule is that you should feed your mini pig the same amount of food that weighs approximately 2% of their body weight every day. (source)

Treats such as cheerios should only be given to your pig in moderation as they can cause abnormal poops. Poops that are not brown in color are an example of so. Abnormal poops can also be a sign of much worst problems such as cancer or gastric ulcers.

What do abnormal poops look like?

Red poop, very dark or black poop, hard poop, and poop with worms in it are examples of abnormal poops. If you notice any of this, make sure to contact your veterinarian as quickly as you can. Sometimes it may be a sign of cancer or other very harmful diseases.

What should you do if your mini pig is constipated?

If your pig is showing signs of constipation such as appearing hunched over, bloated belly, increased whining, or small and hard poops there are a few things you can do to help. Here they are:

  • Make sure your pig is consuming a lot of water
  • Try adding some Gatorade mixed half and half with water
  • Give your pig more fiber in their diet
  • Try giving your pig a worm bath

Data from the American Mini Pig Association


I asked many of the pig owners in my Instagram community how much their pig poops per day and this is what they said:

😅 that’s a question! He poops 2xs a day. He actually goes out and uses the bathroom with our dogs


They usually go to bathroom twice a day, if they drink a bit more it may be one more but normally after they eat they go


He poops at least twice. In the morning and at night. Sometimes he poops more if he eats more, like in summer when he grazes all day