How Big Do Mini Pigs Get?

Photo Credit: @pig_pete

Finding out how big a mini pig can get is a very confusing topic. To be completely honest, there is no real guarantee of how big your mini pig will grow. The best way to find out how big they will be is by looking at their parents and grandparents.

So how big do they get? The size of an adult mini pig ranges between 70 to 150 pounds and 14 to 20 inches tall. That’s slightly heavier than a German Shepherd but also slightly shorter. (source)

Technically a mini pig is anything under 300 pounds! Fully Grown male mini pigs tend to be slightly taller and have a longer body length than female mini pigs. The best way to tell how large a pig will be is by looking at how big their parents and grandparents are.

How big do teacup and micro pigs get?

Believe it or not, teacup and micro pigs are the same as mini pigs. Usually, breeders will use these terms to make you think their pigs will be smaller but don’t be fooled. They will grow to around 90 pounds, just like mini pigs.

How long does it take for a mini pig to be fully grown?

In most cases, mini pigs will do the majority of their growth within the first year and a half of their life, but they can continue growing all the way until they are four to five years old. Remember that pigs can gain weight very fast, so make sure you feed your pig correctly so they do not become obese. To learn more about feeding your pet pig, check out this article here.

How big are they compared to dogs?

Mini pigs are around the same Hight and length as a large dog but are usually much wider. A good comparison would be to a fully grown pit bull, as shown in the images below.

image credit @hippothepiggy

Don’t be fooled by the breeder

Many times breeders may say that their mini pigs are pure Juliana pigs or Juliana mixed pigs, but they really don’t know. Juliana pigs are known as the smallest in the world and usually grow to only about 30 pounds, but they are actually on the endangered list, and there are only around 150 left in the world.

It is possible that breeder’s pigs may have Juliana Genes in them, but it definitely means none of them are pure Juliana breeds. Most of the time, they are a mix of many breeds that usually includes a Vietnamese potbelly pig. So never believe a breeder telling you your pig will only grow to 30 to 40 pounds because it is not true. Always be repaired in case they grow 100+ pounds.

Make sure you purchase your pig from a reputable breeder

Sometimes breeders may convey you to buying their pig buy saying they will stay tiny forever and give you false information about their pigs. Make sure to do your research and ensure that whoever you’re purchasing your pig from has a good reputation, so you don’t end up with something you weren’t expecting.

Esther the wonder pig, is a great example of this. Esther was purchased for $2500 and was marketed as a mini pig by her breeder, but a massive surprise happened and Esther just kept growing. All the way to 650 pounds! You can check out this amazing story at

Be prepared for your pig to grow larger than expected

The breeder may give you a size that they believe your pig will be when fully grown, but this may not always be true. Unlike dogs, pigs are much harder to predict how big they will be. Especially if the grandparents are much larger than the parents.

If your pig does end up growing 150 pounds or more, make sure that you are ready. Many pigs are abandoned because they end up growing much larger than what they are promised. It is a huge problem in the pet pig community!

Look at the tail

Commercial pigs that are used on farms tend to have a cropped tail. For example, Esther’s tail was only about an inch long, and she turned out to be a commercial farm pig. Mini pigs will have much longer tails, usually about 4 inches or more.

Farm pigs have much smaller tails that look like this.

Poppy is a baby mini pig and as you can see she is on track to grow a much longer tail than the farm pig above. Poppy’s on Instagram @poppy.the.piggy

Don’t overfeed your pig

Your pig’s body fat greatly influences their size. Pigs gain weight very fast, much faster than dogs! that is why it’s important to feed your pig correctly. Don’t let them get into left-out food, and don’t give them too many treats. Pig obesity can lead to many bad things, such as heart problems and arthritis!

Mini pig examples (with their sizes)


Check him out on Instagram @arkansas_pig_pack

  • 10 years old
  • 110 pounds
  • 22 inches tall


Check him out on Instagram @sirkevanhamletbakonthefirst

  • 1 and a half years old
  • weighs 90 pounds
  • 23 inches tall
  • 45 inches long

Kevin’s parents are both five years old and are both thirty pounds smaller than him. Sometimes your pig may pick up a grandparent gene and actually be much bigger than their parents, like Kevin. Although pigs can grow till the age of five, Kevin has probably done pretty most of his growing already.


Check him out on Instagram @rongmatane

  • 1 year and 11 months old
  • over 350 pounds
  • 27 inches tall

Rango’s breeder had sold him as a mini pig, well he doesn’t look very “mini” to me. He is a great example of why it’s important to purchase from a reputable breeder that won’t give you something that they don’t even know how big they will turn out.


Check him out on Instagram @choptops_pig_pack

  • 3 years old
  • weighs 80 pounds

Henry Neverham

check him out on Instagram @henry.neverham

  • 17 months old
  • weighs 80 pounds

Henry was only 12.5 pounds at 9.5 weeks old and has obviously grown a lot!