6 Great Toys To Get For Your Mini Pig

Photo Credit @mango_hi_minipig

One of the biggest problems with new pig parents is they don’t know how to keep their pig entertained. Bored pigs can have many behavioral issues such as rooting up your house and squealing. In my opinion, getting another pig is the best way to keep them entertained, but toys work as well.

There aren’t many toys made specifically for mini pigs, but many dog and child toys work out very well. The best toys for mini pigs tend to be anything with food in them. Pigs are very food driven, so you can use this to keep your pig entertained with some very clever toys.

Usually, pigs don’t like many common dog toys such as chew toys. They’ll play with them for a minute or two and be done. Usually, pigs need some kind of incentives (such as food or your gratitude).

After using what I know and asking many other pig owners about toys their pigs like, I have found 10 toys that are great for mini pigs. Check them out below.

Best toys that involve food

OurPets IQ Treat Ball ($12 at time of publication)

This toy is more commonly bought for dogs, but it works great for mini pigs as well. The great thing about the OurPets IQ Treat Ball is that it keeps your pig active both ment’ally and physically. Tired pigs sleep much better and are much less likely to have bad behaviors such as rooting up your home.

The way the toy works is your pig has to roll it around to get the treats or pellet food to fall out. Sometimes it can take them over 30 minutes to get all the food out. Instead of feeding your pig by a bowl, you could use this toy to feed them their pellets instead.

Photo Credit: @poppy.the.piggy

JW Hol-ee Puzzle Ball ($9 at time of publication)

My friend’s pig loves the JW Hol-ee Puzzle Ball. Fill it up with food and your pig will be entertained for a very long time. It is not extremely easy for your pig to get food out, so it takes awhile.

Vegtables and celery are to great food options you can use, but anything you can fit inside of it will work great.

Photo Credit: @poppy.the.piggy

AK KYC Snuffle Mat ($25 at time of publication)

Snuffle mats are great not only for keeping your pig entertained for long periods of time but also so they can root. Rooting is an instinctual tendency for pigs and can be very destructive if not handled correctly. Some of my friends have had their rugs, couches, and shoes destroyed by their pig’s rooting tendencies.

The AK KYC Snuffle Mat is perfect to help prevent this destructive rooting behavior because it’s a toy that can relieve it. You can hide treats inside the mat and have your pig try and find them.

The one problem you may run into is the mat can get very dirty and gross. Luckily it can be machine washed.

SPOT Ethical Interactive Treat Puzzle ($20 at time of publication)

Pigs are very smart and can do many things that would surprise you including solving puzzles. This puzzle uses your pigs smarts and their desire for food to create a perfect toy for your pig.

Make sure that you are watching your pig when they are playing though, sometimes they might get frustrated and try to tear the puzzle up.

Best toys that don’t involve food

Photo Credit: @jake.the.pig

POCO DIVO 6-ft Play Tunnel ($20 at time of publication)

Mini pigs love to run through tunnels such as this one. Sometimes your pig will sleep inside of the tunnel, and other times they will hide in there when they want some alone time.

Piano Keyboard ($23 at time of publication)

Believe it or not, pig’s love to pay the piano. Check out now much the pig below is enjoying it.

It has been proven that mini pigs enjoy music, so of course, it makes them happy if they can not only listen to it but create it (even though it might not sound like music to you).

Any piano ment for children will work well, but this one here on Amazon is the best one I found for pigs.