18 Fun Activities To Do With Your Pig

Photo Credit: @bean_the_piggy

Pet pigs get bored very easily, and sometimes it might get difficult to find some way to entertain them. I asked over 50 pet pig owners and myself “what is your most favorite activity to do with your pig?” Below are the results.

All of these activities have helped other pig owners keep their pigs from getting bored. Hopefully, these will help keep your pig from getting bored as well.

Things to do with high energy pigs

1. Go for adventurous walks

Pigs love going on adventures to new places. You can take them to the park, woods, beach, your friend’s house, and pretty much anywhere. Your pig will love meeting new people and other pets.

2. Have your pig help dig in your garden

Pigs love rooting, so why don’t you put them to work. Put some treats in the ground in your garden and let your pig root it up. This will create a perfect hole to plant whatever you want in your garden.

3. Take your pig swimming

Believe it or not, pigs are amazing swimmers. You can go to a pond or lake and let them have some fun in the water.

During the summertime, this is great because it will give your pig a good exercise and it will also cool them down.

4. Get some cool toys for your pig to play with

Pigs love chasing around balls. My friend’s pig loves this giant blow-up ball which you can get on Amazon by clicking here. The pig chases it around nonstop, and it’s a great way to keep them occupied.

Another great toy is this one here. You can stuff treats inside of it and let your pig root it out. Not only does this entertain them, it also helps with satisfying their instinctual need to root.

5. Let your pig roll in the mud

Pigs can’t sweat, so in the hot sun, the best way for them to cool off is in the mud. Get a hose and spray an area of your yard that you don’t mind getting muddy. Trust me, your pig will love you for letting them play in the mud.

Obviously, it can get a bit messy, but nothing a quick bath won’t fix.

6. Teach your pig new tricks

By using food, you can train your pig to do all kinds of things. Cheerios are my favorite treat to use when training.

Some things that you can train your pig to do are sit, shake, fetch, run in circles, hide-n-seek, tag, play the piano, do puzzles, run through an obstacle course, and so much more. Because pigs are so smart, there are so many possible tricks that you can train them to do.

7. Play in the sprinkler

Pigs love cold water in the summer, so why not just turn on your sprinklers and have some fun. You could run around, play fetch, or even play tag in the sprinklers.

Medium energy pigs: enjoys a lot of activity, but also naps

8. Build a sandbox for your pig to root in

A sandbox is a great place to hide treats and let your pig root around in. They are relatively easy and cheap to make. Check out the video below if you are interested.

9. Make a ball pit

Similar to a sandbox, a ball pit is another great place to hide treats and let your pig root. Ball pits are great because you can make one inside of your home.

10. Get a rooting mat

Rooting mats are amazing! You don’t have to make them, and they provide an endless amount of entertainment for your pig. If you want to get a rooting mat that will last a very long time, check out this one here on Amazon.

11. Get a kiddie pool

During the summertime, your pig will get hot. If you don’t want them in mud, another great thing to do to cool them down is getting a kiddie pool. So many of my pig owner friends have one, and their pigs love them.

Make sure to get a durable kiddie pool, such as this one here.

12. have bath time with your pig

Some pigs love bathtime, while others hate it. If your pig has dry skin, this shampoo on Amazon will help moisturize their skin.

13. Go for a car ride

Maybe on your next trip to Starbucks, consider taking your pig with you. I’m sure the drive-thru workers will be so happy to see your pig.

14. Get some wood for your pig to chew on

My friend’s pig, for whatever reason, absolutely loves chewing on wood. Maybe you could try this out with your pig and see how it goes. You could also use a stick for a perfect pig belly scratcher.

Low energy pigs: napping is life

15. Listen to music with your pig

Depending on your pig’s personality and what kind of mood they are in, the kind of music they like will differ. If you want to put your pig to sleep or calm them down, this song here works amazingly.

A study from Uzoo on YouTube showed that pigs enjoy Orchestral Music more so than other genres. This song here from Mozart is a great song that I’m sure your pig would enjoy listening to.

16. Have snack time

Besides just their pellet food, pigs love so many fruits and vegetables. See if your pig likes pumpkin or watermelon. These fruits are great because it will take some time for them to eat it.

One thing you could do is hang a pumpkin or watermelon from a tree branch and see if your pig can eat it successfully. This will be more challenging for your pig and will take much longer.

17. Have snuggle time

Most pigs love to snuggle. they may not be actively trying to snuggle all the time, but I’m sure they will be happy if you try to snuggle with them.

18. Get a pig scratcher

As you probably know, pigs also love getting scratched. There are some awesome scratcher toys that you can get for them. This one here on Amazon is perfect for pigs who love belly scratches.


Having a pet pig can be hard, especially because of how much entertainment they need. Bored pigs tend to get destructive, so it’s important to always have something going on for your pig.

If you need to get some more tips, feel free to contact me on Instagram by clicking on the icon on the top right of your screen. You can send me a DM or get in touch with my followers. Everyone in the pet pig community will be happy to help with any problems you may have.