Do Mini Pigs Like To Cuddle?

Photo Credit: @sir_huxley_prince_bram

Mini pigs are very social and loving animals. It is in their nature to love you and all of your family members. Although sometimes they will get aggressive when they test you to see who is the leader of the herd (you and your family are a part of your pig’s herd).

So do mini pigs like to cuddle? Yes, mini pigs like to cuddle with you, your family, each other, and your other pets. How much they like to cuddle is unique between every pig. Some mini pigs will enjoy cuddling more than others.

It’s important to note that not every mini pig will actively try to cuddle with you, but usually, they are happy if you give them cuddles. One of my pig owner friends says that her pig likes cuddling, but she won’t actively try to cuddle.

What are the ways a mini pig will cuddle?

A mini pig will usually cuddle by laying on or right next to you. Many times they will want to give you snout kisses and/or lick you in the face, or they will just want to take a nap next to you.

As your mini pig starts to get bigger, it will become much more difficult for them to sit on your lap. Usually, your pig will understand this and start to just lay next to you.

Mini pigs love to be scratched in the belly. Sometimes they may roll over, exposing their belly, hoping that you give them a belly scratch.

How can I encourage my mini pig to cuddle?

The best way to encourage snuggles from your mini pig is to simply lay down next to them. When you do this, your pig senses your love and will hopefully go up to you for cuddles.

Some pigs will have designated times that they will want cuddles, and it starts to become a daily routine.

Treats are another great way to encourage your pig to come over by you to snuggle. There’s nothing more your pig will want than a snack, and once they’re by you, I’m sure they will be happy to suggle.

If your pig doesn’t want to be cuddled, you might just have to cuddle them. Trust me, 9 times out of 10 they will enjoy your company. If they don’t, just try again some other time. Nighttime is usually the best time to try and cuddle with your pig because they will be the most relaxed.

Some pigs are just too energetic to ever want to settle down and cuddle with you. If your pig is like that, try to give them some belly rubs. Every pig loves their belly to be scratched, and when you do this, it might help settle them down.

Some mini pigs will just want to cuddle 24-7 because of how much they love being with you.

What are the reasons that a mini pig would not want to cuddle?

Sometimes mini pigs won’t want to cuddle. It completely depends on the pig, not every pig will be the same. Pig’s all have their own personalities, much more so than other animals such as dogs (as pretty much every dog will cuddle with their owner).

Your pig may not want to cuddle because they are mad at you. Pigs have a very good memory, and if you did something that they didn’t like, they’ll get mad.

Also, Sometimes when you get a mini pig from a rescue shelter, they may not be used to people giving them cuddles. So showing these pigs what cuddling is might start getting them to like it. Or sometimes a pig may simply just not like cuddling.

The weather could affect your pig’s mood and cause them to not want to snuggle. Usually, on rainy days your pig may be scared, and on sunny days they may be too energetic to cuddle.

Older pigs may not want to cuddle as much as when they were younger. Sometimes older pigs like some alone time, and they don’t want to constantly be snuggling.

Will mini pigs cuddle with your guests?

Generally, mini pigs won’t want to cuddle with your guests. This is because pigs don’t usually do well with strangers. More than likely they will be scared of them.

It takes a little while for a pig to get comfortable with a new person. I wrote an article about how you can get a mini pig to start to trust someone new, you can check it out by clicking here.

One way that a new person can start to earn your pig’s trust is through food. Mini pigs are very food driven, so when someone has food, your pig will go over by that person.

Will Mini pigs cuddle with your kids?

Yes, mini pigs love to cuddle with kids, but only if they feel comfortable. Sometimes kids may do things that may annoy your pig (such as trying to ride them). This may make your pig want to stay away from your kids.

But if you tell your children to be gentle, your pig should be happy cuddling with them as well as you.

One thing that I would be cautious of though is older pigs may weigh too much to be snuggling on your kids. Adult mini pigs can weigh over 125 pounds!

Will mini pigs cuddle with your other pets?

Yes, most mini pigs love to cuddle with your other pets when they become comfortable. Usually, it will take some time for them to get comfortable if your pig is meeting a new pet.

Your pig may get into fights or be aggressive to your other pets because of their herding behavior. Mini pigs acknowledge you and your pets as all being apart of their herd. They tend to aggressively test their herd mates to see who is the leader.

This only happens a couple of times though. Once your pig has settled into their role of being a follower of you, they will calm down.

One thing to note is although mini pigs will cuddle with dogs, sometimes dogs won’t tolerate their aggressive herding behavior. This could cause a fight, and your pig could be seriously injured or killed depending on how powerful your dog is.

Do mini pigs cuddle with each other?

Yes, mini pigs love to cuddle with each other. If you plan on getting two mini pigs, they will treat each other like family members. Sometimes it may be tough love, but they will always find time to cuddle.

If you plan on getting a pig, I actually would recommend you get two of them. Pigs need to have social connections in their life to be happy, and although that can be you, sometimes it also helps if you have another pig.

The two of them will keep each other happy and keep you less stressed. If you only have one pig, they will get bored when you aren’t around. this can cause lots of problems because pigs tend to get destructive when they are bored and lonely.

Pigs also need constant attention, so having two of them will give them both attention. Mini pigs will make you exhausted if you are the only source of attention.