The Truth About Juliana Mini Pigs

Photo Credit: @maggiemaethepig This might be very surprising to many of you, but purebred Juliana pigs are not currently available as pets. Breeders may claim they are selling you pure Juliana pigs, but this is probably not true. They are just trying to market their pigs in a way to make more money. The smaller the pig, …

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What You Need To Know Before Getting A Mini Pig

fully grown mini pig

Photo Credit: @hippothepiggy Unfortunately, many people are misinformed about the term mini pig. This is mostly because of shady breeders who have used terms such as teacup and micro pigs to convey you to purchase their pigs. In reality, there is no such thing as a teacup or micro pig. No pig will stay mini forever …

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How Big Do Mini Pigs Get?

adult mini pig eating

Photo Credit: @pig_pete Finding out how big a mini pig can get is a very confusing topic. To be completely honest, there is no real guarantee of how big your mini pig will grow. The best way to find out how big they will be is by looking at their parents and grandparents. So how big …

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